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Gurugram in direct competition with Italian city of Venice.
So saw these pics of Gurugram and gave it a thought weather BJP government of Haryana is planning any sort of tourism scheme in Haryana?
[Image: 13668999_10201613412532696_4475295802194...e=58169B0B]

[Image: 13872831_10201613413172712_8178186286631...e=58247782]

[Image: 13876393_10201613413372717_2632039429404...e=58175A5D]
And they seems to be giving some serious competition to Venice
[Image: 13699938_863149813817602_482720303401586...e=5859A89B]

[Image: 13686728_863149820484268_377979101108345...e=58253813]

[Image: 13872986_863149997150917_776048805798612...e=585DB7D9]
and seems like they are taking classes from Kejriwal on what to say to come in limelight  Big Grin

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