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HOW Did Nokia Fall?

(28-06-2016, 07:01 PM)admin Wrote:

I think, the company lived it life. They brought the world to smartphones, but smartphones is a different world. Its difficult for anyone like Nokia to think, software propriety isn't something important. Its rather the services. I remember the time when Nokia was asking the developers to become part of apps. Google was way ahead in collaborating of developers and free access. Apple did it with it enormous money power. Nokia just got left behind.
Feeling bad for nokia. My first cell phone was nokia 3310
NOKIA went Kodak way resisting change is not a useful act,one must quickly adapt to changes in such highly competitive environment else be prepared to die.
A camera on cell phone, Its nokia who did it first
Nokia also ignore android just like compact ignored Intel, both the companies tried to turn the upcoming storm only to get caught in the end.

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